About ME

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Here’s a little heart to heart before you start exploring.
I have always been a fashion enthusiast and having an opportunity to share my passion with a bunch of like-minded people, is the best thing that has happened to me. My fashion inspiration mainly comes from the trends I can innovate with. The fact that my friends always look up to me for styling and fashion ideas, keeps me going and fuels my energy!
Apart from studying fashion trends, I have put in time in understanding social media and online marketing. This lead to interactions with people on social media which gradually turned into collaborations and endorsements. I have been honored to be a part of judges panel for fashion shows several times, like- Smitten, Mr. & Miss Pune 2013, Pune Winter Carnival, and so many others.
Well, somehow, I have always known that I would turn my hobby into a profession. And, here I am, enjoying my experience of shopping and styling and sharing it with you guys …constantly learning and innovating.
Thank you for supporting me constantly, you guys! It is the best feeling !!!


Instagram did not return a 200.